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Monday, 4 December 2006

Welcome to DWex

Dingwall Wildlife Explorers

The aim of this group is to allow children an additional opportunity to experience wildlife in our local area and to take an interest in their world.

Our area includes moorland, broad leaved woodland, pine forest, salt marsh, coastal estuary and farmland all within a few miles. The school premises where we currently meet is in the midst of private and local authority housing, the latter being subject to a recent dispersal order, the first in Scotland. This group sprang from a desire to see a long term sustainable activity for young people, initially 7-11 yr old.

There are no other groups of this kind within the local area, and as not all children have access to transport it is planned to make this a group that concentrates on its own local area. Our short term goal is to see a wildlife garden created in the school, this is being pursued through different areas of funding like the BBC ‘Breathing Spaces’ scheme. Long term we desire to see the placement of a wildlife watching hide in the area of the estuary, providing safe and protected for all the community, but this is long term.

Our immediate goal is to introduce children to the wildlife within their own locality. Due to high numbers (70 children currently on the register) we want to keep this close to the school to enable all children to attend, and hope that this group will encourage other community activities in the area. We also aim to allow the children the opportunity to bring forth ideas on sustainability and eco friendly practices, at home and at school.

There is no charge for the group and we intend to retain this feature for the duration of the group. Part of our aim is to introduce the children to wildlife that they would not normally notice, part of this requires observation equipment, and due to the nature of the land, the use of telescopes and binoculars would make this task possible.

We are also looking for the children to take wildlife pictures using a digital still and video cameras. Whilst some parents have access to photographic equipment, it would be sensible for us as a group to retain control over the images being produced. We will encourage image capturing of wildlife or general scenes of interest, including things like trees, fields, mountains and seashore etc, anything that has a feel for nature. We can then compile these images onto a single disk for further viewing, hence the need for laptop and projection equipment, enabling the children to explore their creative and artistic gifts.

Enclosed is our document pack, these policies enable us to function within a solid structure, with the children’s safety and enjoyment paramount to all we do. We currently meet on the premises of Dingwall Primary School and have been made most welcome by them, yet we are not a school group and we are open to all children within the area. Whilst we are not an affiliated RSPB group, we have sought and taken advice so far and have their full backing in our current format.

David J Lynch

Dingwall Wildlife Explorers

Group Leader

15 Chestnut Road


IV15 9UQ

email: micah78@micah78.plus.com



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